“Bare”ly There for a Flawless Finish

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by Emily Connor, Staff Writer

For years, paid programming has served as a shameful guilty pleasure. Ever since a young age, programs that advertised any product from the Magic Bullet to the classic Ronco Rotisserie Oven entranced me with their cheesy dialogue and staged audiences. Of course, I had never purchased a television advertised product until I learned that the rave reviews of one beauty must-have were no rumor. Rendered powerless, I complied, and in the fall of my junior year of high school, I officially became a Bare Minerals convert and devout follower.

Many beauty products hail amazing (often photoshopped) results. Finally, I can say that one advertisement has spoken the truth. Bare Minerals remains my absolute beauty essential for three specific reasons:


1. Ease

Foundation is often gloppy, sloppy and much too obvious. Furthermore, it takes time to smooth and naturalize the look of most foundations. Yet, with a simple “swirl, tap, and buff” Bare Minerals is easily applied. Its coverage is complete and you can wear a little or a lot. The best part is that it always spreads evenly, and in only a minute or two, your entire face can be completely covered. Smaller brushes provide concentrated coverage on troublesome blemishes.

2. Longevity

It is no exaggeration when I use the phrase, “a little goes a long way.” Bare Minerals lasts for months, even when used daily. The price may seem steep at first ($60 for a “Get Started Kit” at Sephora), but it will last much longer than average drugstore foundations and concealers.

3. Aesthetic

It is exceptionally difficult to make foundation look flawless and natural. Yet, Bare Minerals provides the thinnest, most even coverage of any foundation I’ve used. It provides enough coverage to hide imperfections, but it never looks smudgy, heavy or overdone. For those who love the “I just rolled out of bed and didn’t have time to put makeup on” look (even though you really did), Bare Minerals is your holy grail.


Now that I’ve sounded like the sad, first-role actors who spout “real-life” testimonials on late night infomercials, it is time to tell you where and how to purchase your new beauty must-have. As previously said, Sephora offers a Bare Minerals starter kit for $60 for that includes three brushes, “warmth” face color, Mineral Veil, primer, a how-to DVD and the Bare Minerals Foundation of your selected skin tone. The foundation is great for everyday use, and the primer allows for all-day permanent wear. The warmth face color works well as a bronzer in summer when lightly applied. The Mineral Veil is excellent for providing a highlight to certain areas on the face. Brush lightly along the tops of cheekbones and dot on the inside corner of eyes by tear ducts for a light shimmer when going-out for the evening. The Mineral Veil also covers dark circles well when lightly applied under eyes.

Whether you are a beauty product virgin or the Mary Magdalene of makeup, I urge you to let Bare Minerals guide you into the temple and see the light.