Spring Fever: Hot Makeup Shades of the Season

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by Alex Ross

Spring is a time to shake off the gloominess and “seasonal repression” of winter. It’s a season of rebirth, awakening, and rejuvenation. In the words of gardener and author Geoffrey Charlesworth, spring “makes its own statement.” That’s precisely what this season’s makeup trends allow everyone to do by incorporating poppy, fun colors that both emphasize natural beauty and embody the floral mentality that the weather presents. This season, it’s about ignoring the rules and boundaries set by the trends of former times. We’re using makeup as a form of expression while sticking to a few key techniques that we’re sure will make the season even more special.

“It’s all about extremes this season” says Jeremy, a beauty consultant for MAC. He also tells MODA that “experimentation is necessary. We call it ‘raw-fined’ (as opposed to ‘refined’) makeup, a lot of trial and error and simply testing which colors work with your personal style.” Read on for more information on the best products to use and the best ways to get the fresh face that’s so popular right now. With the help of a pastel pallet and several beauty consultants, MODA divulges details about this spring’s best and brightest makeup, which focuses on cheeks and lips, as well as tips on how to achieve the gorgeous, head-turning looks of the season.



The pout, in all its sensual, voluptuous glory, is a main focus in terms of color for the spring. We see many examples of lips in orange, pink, and purple. Coral is the reigning color because it’s flattering on every skin tone and is guaranteed to make any complexion glow. Tangerine is also a safe bet that complements many skin types. We see pink tones in many dramatic shades, ranging from dusty rose to fuchsia. Cotton candy is a shade that has been appearing almost everywhere. Softer purples, such as lavender and periwinkle, are options that show the more daring side of spring color. If you’re looking for a more specific color to match your skin tone, fluorescent shades tend work best with lighter skin, while deeper, berry-colored hues work best with darker skin.

Matte lips, no matter what color, are another large part of the season’s makeup trends. Since most lip colors already come in matte, you can get the look simply by swiping the color across your lips. To enhance the matte affect, dab lips with a facial tissue after application or dust a small amount of blush or powder over them. To prevent color from fading, line lips with a nude or soft pink lip liner.



Skin is arguably the most important and definitely the most visible factor when it comes to beauty. Spring 2011 is all about even skin tones with a dewy look, especially on the cheeks, and there are several ways to give your skin this feminine flair: Add a few drops of foundation to your moisturizer. Be sure to choose one with a pearly pigment. After application, be sure to add more of the foundation on the cheeks. If your skin tends to be oily, apply foundation only to your t-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). “The natural oils of your skins will simultaneously distribute the color and give your skin a dewy look” says Jeremy. If you’re looking for a slightly pricier but easier fix, new lines of foundation (MAC releases its version on April 7th) that give off a “suede” look are springing up in many makeup collections this season.



Bold, bright cheeks balance out the purity of skin trends for spring. Highlighting your cheekbones with pastel pinks for pale skin, and purples and oranges for darker skin, draws attention to the natural contours of the face. Don’t limit yourself to a softer pallet; try dabbing a small amount of neon or other bright color, such as fuchsia, on the apples of your cheeks. Then blend it outward for a color that both pops and flatters. Jeremy recommends cream blush, which is making a comeback. “So many people dismiss it because they think it’s very ‘80s’, but actually it’s quite effective and is so simple to work with.” Cream blush can be found in almost every color and is very easy to apply. It also tends to have the “pearly” quality that shows off the dewy trend.



Your eyes are the main focus of your face and one of the most versatile parts of 2011 spring makeup. Heavy, cream eyeliner, called “chubby sticks” are making their debut this season. Again, we see soft yellows, pinks, purples, and gorgeous greens to line and draw attention to the eye. Sea foam and emerald green complement blue and green eyes, while forest and kelly green show off brown eyes. Make the eyes pop even more by lining both the top and bottom lash lines with the same color, making sure to keep it thick. Here’s a trick to helping eyeliner stay longer: Apply concealer and powder before use to encourage adhesion. Using a uniform color for either liner or shadow is a hot sensation right now. Jeremy tells MODA, “Use soft pastels for ‘block’ color instead of blending more than one color together.” This technique mimics the classic “smoky eye” and turns it into something new, innovative, and refreshing. Another strategy to emphasize eyes is to dab a tiny bit of glitter in the middle of your lash line, either top or bottom. This gives the appearance of wider eyes and makes them appear brighter.


Spring makeup trends for 2011 are all about accentuating natural beauty by incorporating the colors of the season and taking them to the next level based upon your personal style. The cheer and playfulness of the makeup allows the style to speak for itself and excels in promoting the beautiful season of spring.