Sunprint Cafe

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Photo by Maggie Bojda
by Emily Connor, Staff Writer


Simple, calm, and tasty are three words to describe the Sunprint Café on the Capitol Square. After relocating from East and West side Madison locations several years ago, the Sunprint Café now resides in the beautifully lit, glass-walled U.S. Bank building. They are open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m, serving breakfast and lunch. Although nothing too distinct or special, the Sunprint Café offers delicious, well-priced food for the casual diner.


Upon entering the café, navy blue paint and bright yellow accents captured my attention. The décor is simple, with several abstract paintings on the wall adding color to the spacious dining area. The room is clustered, though well organized, with the ordering counter, bakery case, and kitchen all placed at the front of the café. Handwritten menus neatly display the numerous breakfast and lunch options with colorful chalk. The dining area was relatively empty at 9:45 a.m. on a Thursday, but the quiet atmosphere suited the few patrons typing on laptops and reading newspapers. A station in the center of the room offers condiments ranging from homemade jams to syrups and honeys.


Although nothing extravagant or elegant, the food was quite tasty. I ordered a pecan waffle with maple nut butter. The waffle itself tasted like it might at a generic diner or hotel restaurant; however, my sweet tooth loved the maple nut butter, and I easily finished the entire waffle. The homemade marmalade they offered was wonderful alongside it.

My boyfriend, Noah, had a glass of orange juice and a deluxe egg sandwich that came on wheat toast, with spinach, bacon and cream cheese. The cream cheese was unexpected, and elevated the overall taste of the sandwich, and although it may have seemed small, the simple sandwich was certainly filling.

Sunprint Café boasts the use of locally supplied ingredients in their food preparation, a nice but unnecessary feature of the menu. There was an entire table set up with brewed pots of Johnson Brothers Coffee, a family owned business on the far outskirts of Madison. Those who care to support local food farms should consider dining at Sunprint Café.


Our bill was around $16, or about $8 each including a two dollar tip. The price seemed well suited for the quality and quantity of food we received, though it’s possible they charge slightly more than other area restaurants because of their local ingredients. Overall though, I felt the price was both fair and feasible for college students looking to grab a quick breakfast or lunch.


I was a little surprised to discover the Sunprint Café does not offer any table-side service. Orders are taken at the counter and then picked up about eight to ten minutes later. Although I didn’t mind ordering from the counter, I thought they should have delivered the ordered food to the customer. It didn’t hinder the overall meal, but table-side service would have contributed to a better experience (and a better tip for the cashier).


The Sunprint Café is a quiet and understated place to study while enjoying a quick meal. The food was above average and fairly priced. It may not be anything special or fancy, but it provided a good and affordable casual dining experience. I’d visit again.


Sunprint Cafe is located at 1 South Pinckney Street. Breakfast is served from 7am until 11am from Monday to Friday, and all day Saturday. Lunch is served from 11am until 2pm from Monday to Friday. For more information, call 608-268-0114.