Marigold Kitchen

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by Meg Feldbruegge, Staff Writer

Step into the comforts of Marigold Kitchen.  Located at 108 S Pinckney Street, or just off Capitol Square, this contemporary café accommodates an array of customers, from college students to business professionals.

The service is great, but also limited. Both coffee and water are self-serve, and orders are placed with a friendly employee at the register.  You can expect a short wait before the plates are delivered to your table.  Although Marigold boasts an assortment of espresso drinks and freshly squeezed juices, I recommend a cup of the Ancora Coffee.  It’s bold. It’s fresh. It’s bottomless.  Priced at $2.25, it’s truly happiness in a cup.

photo by Charlie Healy

My dish of choice of is Chile poached eggs for $6.  Two poached eggs cooked to perfection are served upon a thin layer of salty prosciutto.   Before reaching the table, the dish is sprinkled with a hefty pinch of spicy chili pepper flakes and topped off with rich, shredded manchego cheese.  Made from sheep’s milk, the mild but distinctly flavored manchego literally melts in your mouth.  If you are sensitive to spice, be aware of the chili flakes: they add a small kick that may have you refilling your water glass.  The only modification I would make to this dish would be to have the prosciutto served hot, rather than at room temperature.  Also included is a fresh piece of French rosemary toast.  The hearty slice captures the full flavors of rosemary and olive oil in perfect harmony.

Calorie-counters may want to steer clear of the house breakfast potatoes, served as a side with many dishes.  These crispy and flavorful taters are soaked in chili oil, baked until tender and then fried in butter.  Delicious, but deadly.

Mickey’s Dairy Bar and Sunroom Café have earned my respect for an appetizing breakfast, but Marigold Kitchen receives my final applaud on a breakfast well done.  They have mastered their dishes, made with the freshest ingredients and have an eye for rich and complimentary concoctions; they bring class and flavor to the table at an affordable price.  So relinquish yourself from another bowl of cold cereal.  Roll out of bed, throw on some kicks and make the journey to Marigold Kitchen.

Average cost of a meal & beverage: $10


photo by Charlie Healy


Marigold Kitchen is located at 118 South Pinckney Street, one block off the Capitol Square. Marigold is open for dining from 7am until 3pm on weekdays, 7am until 2pm on Saturdays, and 8am until 2pm on Sundays. For more information, call 608-661-5559.