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photo from Street Etiquette


by Andrew Jacobs

Brace yourselves, gentlemen. Today I’m talking about jewelry. Yes, jewelry. Despite what you may think, when you look up the term in the dictionary, nowhere does it state that jewelry is a female accessory. Today, my goal is to help you wrap your heads around that fact.

In my opinion, one of the most personal reflections of a guy’s style is his use of jewelry. I’m not referring to flashy, oversized watches or diamond-studded earrings. I’m talking about basic, unique, and personal bracelets or necklaces.

One of my favorite possessions was a wooden beaded necklace that I found in a box of old clothes. Because the necklace was short, I wore it wrapped around my wrist. The way the black varnish on the beads was scuffed and fading gave it a very unique and interesting look. You would be surprised how much simple details like this add to your style. Jewelry not only adds something different to your look, it allows for personalization and creativity.

Like with clothing, layering jewelry is one of the best indications of a good sense of style. If you accumulate a small collection of simple jewelry, many mixing and matching possibilities open up. The guys behind Street Etiquette do a great job of showcasing the seemingly endless variations of male jewelry. As you can see in the pictures, layering bracelets really makes a statement and can compliment almost any look.

The great thing about bracelets and necklaces, as the Street Etiquette pictures show, is that you can really make them your own. Unlike a store-bought shirt, for example, which can only be worn so many ways, jewelry has virtually no limitations. You can do as much or as little as you like and still look unique.

Style is in the details, and attention to the small things is what gives you individuality. The fact that not many guys on this campus wear jewelry should not have an effect on your aesthetic choices. Doing things differently can really set you apart from the crowd and offer an expression of your personality. So I encourage you to experiment with some basic bracelets or necklaces and explore the options and possibilities they have to offer.

photo from Street Etiquette