It Was The Best Of Times…

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by Gaby Felknor

With a school as socially notorious as UW, we’ve all played host or hostess to friends from out of town.  If you’re like me, you feel the need to squeeze a school year’s worth of fun into one weekend, which obviously never goes as planned. Someone goes missing. Someone drinks too much. Someone racks up a massive tab and no longer has gas money to get home. Drinking tickets, parking tickets, lost clutches, broken heels…we’ve all heard the horror stories or experienced them firsthand. But they always make for the best kind of stories.

With less than a month until final exams I opted for a weekend away at Indiana University, letting my friend Lauren play hostess this time, to check out the acclaimed Little 5 festivities—a major race and social event in Bloomington. Plenty of adventures were in store as two more troublemakers, our friends Carly and Allison, road tripped to Bloomington as well.

Come Friday night we were looking fine and ready to take on this new playground. Hardly two hours into the night, I noticed that the College Visit versions of ourselves had come out to play and that this transformation was beginning with myself…


The Sorry I’m Not Sorry Friend

By the time we went out it had started to rain, so we stayed put and ordered another round at Kilroy’s on Kirkwood Avenue. Now, I love my friends more than anything, so when somebody pulls a prank on me, I love repaying the favor. Earlier in the night Allison and Carly had unexpectedly Iced me while sitting at the bar. (“To ice” (v). The act of forcing another to drink a Smirnoff Ice on one knee, after presenting him or her with the ‘ice’ in a clever manner). Basically, it’s obnoxiously fratty, and a perfect recipe for a sugar headache. Taking advantage of Carly and Allison’s trip to the ladies’ room, Lauren and I ordered two Smirnoff Ices and stealthily placed them in front of the other girls’ seats for them to find when they returned. Fair’s fair, girls.


The Friend Who is on the Prowl

Following the Icing epidemic, we headed off to Brothers—which is part of the chain that we know and love here in Madison—so Allie could hunt down some fratstars. This type of friend is always a ton of fun to go out with, whether she’s dancing on the bar, finding an opponent for beer pong, or getting free drinks. She will never hesitate to call out a guy in the bar or on the sidewalk to compliment his Sperrys or Polo. Although, these social situations often lead to incidents involving the next type of friend…


The Friend Who Goes Missing

Amidst the crowd, Lauren disappeared. Carly heard her say something about making a phone call so we didn’t worry about it too much. Forty-five minutes later with zero reception in the building, I started undergoing a panic attack as past Madison Halloweens flashed through my mind, when friends went off to make a phone call and wound up near the Henry Vilas Zoo. Thankfully, seconds later, Lauren came through the door, having been stranded with a dead cell phone and stuck in the rain at the back of the Kilroy’s line.


The Friend Who Takes a Tumble

With bar time quickly approaching and Lauren safely back in our sights, we decided to head home…only to be met by torrential downpour. Cabs were backed up for over an hour, so we decided running on foot would be the best mode of transportation—and a fun way to burn a few extra cals. Sweaters over our heads and laughing at our soaking hair and smeared makeup, we sprinted off into the darkness. Hardly a block from Lauren’s house, I heard a scream from behind me. Woman down! I looked back to see Carly flat on the sidewalk—evidently, she’d tripped over a slippery curb amidst the sheets of rain. Apart from a few scrapes and a drenched outfit, the poor thing survived to tell the tale and we officially retired from our late night run through the rain.


At the time, the night may have seemed like a mess, but over brunch the next morning it became a whole lot of unforgettable stories.

What is your best story from last weekend?