The Royal Affair: Everyone But the Bride

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by Heba Elorbany, Staff Writer

If beauty sleep fit for a king or queen seemed more appealing to you than watching the wedding live early this morning, here’s the 411 on the Royal Wedding fashion:


ROYAL FAMILY While male attendees of the British Royal family were dressed in traditional military

Left to Right: Carole Middleton, Queen Elizabeth, and Camilla (photo from the Orlando Sentinel)

uniform attire, the women in the family opted for classical looks with a fresh twist. Queen Elizabeth herself was decked out in an adorable primrose yellow wool dress with beading at the neck, and a matching coat and hat. Angela Kelly, the Queen’s personal designer, pieced together the look. Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall and wife to Prince Charles, wore a champagne-colored silk dress and light blue and champagne-colored coat by Anna Valentine and Jimmy Choo shoes. Light hues and silky material were big for this event.

MIDDLETON FAMILY Carole Middleton, the new princess’s mother, also donned Jimmy Choo shoes in addition to a pale blue

Pippa and Kate Middleton (photo from the New York Times)

coat by Catherine Walker. (Many noted how well Camilla and Carole’s outfits looked next to each other.) Pippa Middleton, Kate’s sister, did something quite brave and, now, somewhat controversial: she wore an almost-white dress! Pippa’s dress was an ivory satin crepe with beautiful lace trimmings and and a line of delicate buttons going down the back of the dress. Pippa’s dress was designed by Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton, who also designed Princess Kate’s gown. James Middleton, who spoke beautifully during the

photo from The Orlando Sentinel

ceremony, wore a dark suit, light yellow vest, blue button-down shirt, and a maroon patterned ties, a perfect example of chic color blocking.

DISTINGUISHED GUESTS In addition to royalty, distinguished guests included Sir Elton John, Victoria and David

David and Victoria Beckham (photo from the Seattle Times)

Beckham, and Prince Harry’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Chelsea Davy. Sir Elton wore a very similar look to James Middleton, but with a solid magenta tie and a white dress shirt. And, of course, those famous framed glasses he seems to adore. A

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson (photo from The Orlando Sentinel)

very pregnant Victoria Beckham arrived in a short black dress of her own design. It was loose fitting, a symmetrical dress with a tight neckline and was very flattering considering her pregnancy. For shoes, Mrs. Beckham opted for black Christian Louboutins. (How she walked in those heels while pregnant is beyond me.) Chelsea Davy wore an aqua Alberta Ferretti dress paired with tan patent-leather heels. The dress color was perfect for her, but the cut and the off-shoulder neckline were not as flattering.

Who did you find to be best-dressed at the wedding? Comment below!