Camilla Belle

by Heba Elorbany, Staff Writer

You’ve seen this beauty in movies like 10,000 BC or Push, or in tabloids highlighting her

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previous relationship with teenage heartthrob Joe Jonas, but it is on the red carpet that Camilla Belle has proven herself to be an extraordinary style icon. This talented fashionista has managed to balance the very complicated formula of edgy, classy, and youthful looks into one wardrobe, and, often, in the same look. While some find it difficult to look flirty without looking too sexy, well-put-together without looking too mature, or youthful without looking like a Gap Kids ad, Camilla Belle does it effortlessly, leaving fans gasping in admiration.

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One style staple for Camilla Belle that adds to the flirty side of her look are ruffles. Ruffles take typically plainpieces and add a little flow to create a more youthful, fun side to Camilla’s look. If you find yourself dressing a little too conservatively and would like to add some flare to your look, take a tip from Camilla and choose ruffles.

To balance her youthful side, Camilla adds a touch of cool and a dash of classy to her look. Although she is sometimes spotted wearing super bright ensembles (and sporting ultra-chic color-blocked looks), her most flattering and most sought-after looks are usually found in cool and neutral colors of grey, white, black, and blue. If you love flirty looks but often find yourself in need of something to tone it down a notch, one way is to stick to cool colors.

Finally, Camilla goes for edgy and fresh cuts for her looks. From asymmetrical dresses to midriff-bearing tops, Camilla pulls it all off for a step away from prim and proper. Take for instance this look by Jason Wu showing off all of Camilla’s staples: ruffled bandeau, neutral colors, and an edgy cut. Looks like a perfectly balanced formula to me!

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