Who’s Who: KjLyn

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by Libby Vertz

Kj is a model, and a great one at that. She’s worked with and charmed designers locally and across the country. But while many may know her best for her stellar modeling career, today she’s got more on her agenda… And it’s getting her noticed.

With about seven years of modeling under her belt, she recently began coaching other models. She began offering private lessons and coaching for acting and modeling schools such as Barbizon, John Robert Powers, and the International Presentation of Performers. She has also taught for iPop! and is known as one of the Midwest’s top runway coaches.

Kj helped organize and coach Wisconsin Fashion Week 2009 and recently has worked as a talent scout for Image One Model and Talent Agency. This January she served as the model and runway coordinator for Hesperidian Productions.

She also recently took up acting; she’s appeared on local news stations and primetime commercials. And even more lately she joined a dance/live comedy troupe in Madison.

Oh, and she worked as a production assistant for the Madison casting of America’s Next Top Model (cycle 17) in her spare time.

In short, business is good.

What keeps her driven?

“I find productivity and intrinsic motivation attractive and appealing in others, and it is integral to myself for my own peace of mind,” Kj tells BRAVA Magazine. “It’s the internalized ‘Mom, look what I did!’ as a grown-up.” Plus, she’s a self-proclaimed perfectionist.

Modeling has given her the confidence and ability to put herself “out there”, she adds.

“I have no idea what the future holds for me, but what I do know is that I want to continue doing performance-type work in the public eye and teach others for as long as I can,” Kj tells BRAVA.

And while most of us aren’t models like Kj, we can try to take after her in a few ways: she won’t leave the house without mascara, an eyebrow pencil, a healthy breakfast and positive attitude.

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