Fashion Meets Functionality

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by Meg Feldbruegge

Some decide to go running, others indulge in a hot cup of coffee. I, on the other hand, choose to spend my morning in bed with my favorite friend, the snooze button…

Just another peaceful morning on State Street

After the ‘I-should-have-gotten-out-of-bed-thirty-minutes-ago-alarm’ goes off, I spring out of bed and begin the morning scramble. Time is of the essence and my closet is looking impossible. I try multiple possibilities and soon find my unsatisfied-self sending tank after tee flying through the air at an alarming rate.

My bedroom floor, or what had once looked like a cupcake with bright articles of clothing lightly sprinkled on top has turned into a jungle of cotton and wool blends. It’s out of control. I begin rummaging through a heap of clothing only to forget what it is I had been looking for. What am I even wearing? A quick glance in the mirror reveals leggings and the need to fix last nights’ bed-head. Time check? Five minutes. Five minutes to be out the door and sprinting to my first class to take a quiz of which I have yet to study for? Typical.

I throw some books in the direction of my backpack and step into flats while applying a swipe of mascara to each eye. Having earned a Masters in procrastination, my multi-tasking skills are notorious. Brushing my teeth and nearly ready to leave, I quickly go through the mental checklist. Phone. Wallet. Keys. Keys? Keys! I run to the living room, grab my key finder and furiously click its red button, which ensues in a sequence of high pitched beeping from the temporarily lost apartment keys. Key finder in one hand, toothbrush in the other, I run back to my room and begin to dig through a pile of clothes giving off noise. Ah! The keys are found! I ditch the toothbrush and note that I’m only 2 minutes late, but still in need of a shirt. I whip on a grey v-neck tee, grab my belongings and rush to class (still brushing my hair).

The facts

When under the pressure of being obnoxiously late, I always find myself resorting to the ease of a v-neck tee and leggings. Dress it up. Dress it down. The possibilities are endless with this utilitarian pairing. It has the comfort of Sunday afternoon loungewear and the fashion potential of a classy night out. Speed-up your dressing time, flaunt those accessories you love and most importantly, feel comfortable! Checkout the looks below where we take this duo from the gym to the bars, and more.

all photos by Haley Christensen
model, Molly Reppen 

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