Fierce and Fastidious: Fall Nail Polish

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by Alex Ross             

With the advent of this fashionable season come the familiar sweaters, boots, purples, greens, and browns that we all know, love, and embrace by selecting the newest pieces to complement the natural beauty of the season. One way to bring out this natural beauty in an affordable, versatile way is by bringing attention to, what I believe, the most versatile accessories on the human body: Nails. Follow these four tips and pay homage to the season of autumn.

1.     Matte

“This is really the first time in beauty history that we’ve actually been given the option to have matte nails,” says MAC consultant Jeremy. “Almost all cosmetic companies are offering a wide range of colors in the matte texture, when previously, the only kind of nail polish we saw was shiny.” Doing matte nails is not only a refreshing change from the ordinary, but it also brings more attention to the color of the polish. Matte nails also add a refined touch, which balances out a youthful, brighter color.

2.     Deep Colors in Earthy and Neutral Tones

Fall fashion directs its attention toward the various colors found in nature, such as deep purples, reds, golds, and greens. Jeremy encourages colors that “are fitting for the season but can be worn with all different colors of fall outfits.” A few of his top picks were camel, forest green, and a dark eggplant. Navy, maroon, and brown are also shades that are extremely versatile and compliment almost every other seasonal color for autumn. Teen Vogue beauty editor Eva Chen has written on her blog ( that she prefers “swampy and dusty” tones. She suggests “mysteriously murky” shades like olive green, dirty navy, bruised eggplant, or “girly shades put through the wash a few too many times,” such as dirty lilacs, and distressed ballet slippers. Check out Essie’s new “Brand New Bag” collection for this look.

3.     Metallics

“This is a very new and fantastic trend that we’re seeing this year,” says Jeremy. “Metallics are great because they really highlight the transition between fall and winter and can highlight any type of color.” The hard, shiny elements of metallic shades illustrate the chilly weather and really give one the sense of the autumn climate. While I find myself drawn towards tradition metallic silver and gold, some other fabulous fall shades available right now are metallic purple, blue, and green. Using metallic polish is a great way to draw attention through a cosmetic without having to make an extreme statement or purchasing a whole new clothing piece.

4.     Escaping Your Comfort Zone

Fall spurs thoughts of comfort and coziness, so take a risk and do the exact opposite with your nail polish! “If you’re a person who tends to paint flashy nails, surprise everyone and swipe on a deeper, earthy hue. If you tend to stick to solids, mix it up with metallic silver,” encourages Jeremy. These key features of fall nail polish are here to guide you, but embracing your true aesthetic self is what fashion is all about and is key to helping you make your fall polish as fabulous as possible.

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