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by Naomi Cosman and Cassy Krueger

The seasons are changing and if you’re like us, you’re trying to hang on to every last remnant of summer. You’re in denial that we are actually well into the semester, and your mind is anywhere but in class. Yet, however upsetting it may be that we must snap back to the reality of reading books and taking tests, some good does come from the cool breeze and changing leaves. Namely, a new fall wardrobe! Moda staff got the inside scoop on what’s hot at your favorite boutiques this season.


The 70s are back! Colored denim and big glasses are in! And as far as cooler weather goes, fur-trimmed coats and knit gloves, blazers, and booties are in style as well. (NC)

Karen & Co.:

Although this is far from the most budget-conscious store on State, they certainly know fashion. With brands such as Nicole Miller and Sam Edelman, you can be sure you’re getting quality. Neutral colors were big in this store, as well as leopard print patterns and riding boots. (NC)


Knit sweaters and open ponchos are among some of the items that are popular at Pitaya at the moment. Garments with deep tones and patterns also line the shelves. (NC)

Urban Outfitters:

This fall, Urban is spicing up its store with bold prints and classic bohemian-inspired looks. I love the bold print dresses, cozy sweaters and expansive selection of military-inspired boots. And as always, the shop has its standard lace-up plimsoll sneakers and jeans in every color imaginable. (CK)

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