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by Cheyenne Langkamp

From the pages of Vogue to the big screen in Super 8 and from campaign advertisements for Rodarte to coverage during Fashion Week, no matter where you look, Elle Fanning has been a big hit lately.

Being featured in many elite fashion magazines within the past year alone, at 13 Elle is already an up-and-coming fashion icon. “I am obsessed with clothes. I love fashion. The best part of my day is figuring out what I am going to wear,” Fanning said in a June 2011 article in USA Today.

Looking at Elle’s wardrobe can help you pick out your outfit, too. She is a great icon for college fashionistas because of how well she balances work and play. Elle combines youth and sophistication perfectly, which is ideal for college girls who are on the border between teenagers and young women and want to look both fun and classy.

Whether at an event or in the streets of L.A., Elle usually sticks to neutral colors, occasionally adding a bit of color on her lips or with an accessory. She also keeps her hairstyles very relaxed and carefree, with bohemian waves and high messy buns being two of her staples. Sticking with simple hair and make up, even when you’re dressing up, saves you time and gives you the opportunity to play around with your outfit!

Elle is also a minimalist when it comes to her wardrobe, occasionally adding statement pieces for a little extra flare. She usually sticks to feminine dresses in neutral colors, sometimes with simple patterns such as stripes, or textures like lace for an element of excitement. She often turns to vintage looks, a very popular trend right now, especially full bodysuits and high-waist looks, which are a great look for ladies with long legs (like Elle!).

Sticking to a base of classic neutral dresses, pants, and shirts will create many mix-and-match options, and is a great start for any aspiring fashionista. Having a few colored or textured pieces will also help you to add a little surprise to your outfits.

Elle finishes off her looks with a collection of classic shoe styles. Adding some burgundy mary janes to a light frock can really add an extra touch of prettiness to a look. She also occasionally uses shoes to spice up her outfit by pairing it with low-cut booties or platform sandals.

To channel Elle, the next time you’re out shopping, look for neutral basics like sheer dresses and blouses, a big hit this year. For a little excitement, grab a pair of low-cut heeled booties and rose-colored lipstick. Remember, Elle’s wardrobe is all about simplicity and is the picture perfect example that you’re never too young (or too old) to be fashionable.

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