Late Fall DIY

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by Cassy Krueger

With finals season approaching, who isn’t reminiscing about the days of crafts and naptime? A nap and some simple crafts sound pretty appealing when you’re scrambling to finish up projects and get in some last minute studying before Thanksgiving break. While we can’t promise a daily nap—although it is strongly encouraged—why not take a study break for some festive crafts? Here’s your last chance to appreciate fall before the winter holiday (read: finals) season sets in!

If you have a few empty wine bottles lying around, why not spice them up a bit for the season? This is an easy project that can be completed quickly but adds a festive flare to your living space. You will need:

-Paint pens: use warm colors like yellow and orange for fall, or shades of blue and white for winter
– Dark-colored wine bottles

That’s it!

First, remove the label on your wine bottles. If you’re not sure how to do this, a tutorial can be found here. After you remove the label, use your creativity in drawing on the bottles. Check out the pictures of fall wine bottles for some ideas.

More information here

This late in the season, most (if not all) of the colorful leaves on the trees have dropped. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still appreciate them. For this fall project, you’ll need:

– Colorful Autumn Leaves
– 3M Adhesive Spray
– Glass Candle Holders (it’s also possible to use glass jars with the labels removed—see above for instructions)
– Candles

Simply spray the backs of the leaves with adhesive spray and apply to the surface of the glass. Carefully wrap the leaves around the glass and trim the stems of the leaves if they extend past the bottom of the candleholder. Enjoy!

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