Editor’s Picks: Sex, Skylines, and Scribble

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by Jeff Cartwright, Deputy Editor 


Proof that the Academy Awards have lost their touch, this film starring Michael Fassbender as a man dealing with a sex addiction was totally snubbed in this year’s Oscars lineup. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve any credit, though. Having a long history of controversy (an NC-17 rating) and limited release, the movie is still a must-see merely for Fassbender’s performance, as well as Carey Mulligan’s vulnerable portrayal as his sister. The film might make you uncomfortable at some points, but I truly believe that was director Steve McQueen’s point.

Still Life with View of Madison, Wisconsin 

Although the new wing of the Chazen has been open since October, make sure to check out this stunning piece of 1940s Wisconsin art by Marshall Glasier at the Chazen Art Museum. Glasier, who was a part of a group of artists that sought to bring European Surrealism to the Wisconsin art scene, painted this dark, industrial image of the Madison skyline from the south side with what appears to be a shanty-like existence on the outskirts.

Muji Pens

I discovered these in London last semester and cannot stop writing with them. They come in an array of colors, but I prefer the black and blue at a .5mm size (it gives a thicker line).  Currently, the closest Muji store is in New York, but that doesn’t mean you can’t order them off of their website.

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