Street Smart: Subtle Boldness

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by Nina Ham

After a week of Spring-like weather, temperatures dropped again this past weekend to remind us that we are still technically in the winter season. That didn’t stop Hanna, a UW-Madison political science major, from stepping out on Friday night, ignoring the cold weather to celebrate the end of our second week of school.

Hanna uses a limited palette of creams and black to emphasize the different textures and patterns of the outfit. She puts it a bit more eloquently: “Daring textures make for subtle boldness.” Her chunky metallic necklace also echos the metal studs on her black suede boots.

As a creature who is a slave to warmth, I ask: “Aren’t you freezing?!”

“Tights are a must in the midst of a Wisconsin winter,” she replies. “I’m comfortable enough in my outfit right now that the cold isn’t on my mind.”

With Hanna, confidence is key. “If you know what you’re wearing is breathtaking, others around you will know it, too!”

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