Editor’s Picks: Brits, Boulevards, and Boots

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by Mia Hanekamp, Editor In Chief


butter LONDON

butter LONDON is my latest obsession in nail color. Sure, it has the extensive color choices of any other brand like Essie, OPI, or Chanel, but butter LONDON is different. These nail lacquers are made without any toxic ingredients that many other brands use. The trend is already catching on, as many designers such as Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham and Calvin Klein, have used its colors on their runways. Check out www.butterLONDON.com to purchase. (I’m wearing Marrow as I write this.)


Midnight in Paris

Those who know me well understand my affinity for anything and everything Woody Allen. Some might say his films are where my love for the city of New York began. I first saw Midnight in Paris last August, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m convinced that Allen can do no wrong; and when writing for and directing iconic talent such as Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, and Marion Cotillard, this theory only proves itself even further. Every element is perfectly done, from the acting to the fashion to the music. Check out this Oscar nominee if you haven’t already!

Sperry Albatross boot

Living in the Midwest my entire life, choosing the right snow boot has always been a struggle. Right as I was about ready to forfeit, over winter break, I stumbled upon the Albatross boot by Sperry. I was skeptical as to whether such a stylish boot could really protect my feet from the Wisconsin winter, but after grilling the Sperry salesman for a good half hour at my favorite mall in the Chicago suburbs, I took the chance. Now, I can’t get enough of them. (I’ve actually worn them out on a weekend or two, but that can stay between you and me…) I no longer have to worry about the three-foot snow banks that build up on the corner of University and Park. Bring it on, winter.

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