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by Cassy Krueger

If your attitude towards this big day is anything like mine, you’re dreading it. Say what you want about the merits of Valentine’s Day, but I will remain loyal to my resentment. But, never fear! Even if you’re single or anti-love or (let’s just face it) bitter, it’s still possible to have an enjoyable Valentine’s themed Tuesday night with friends. And for the sake of avoiding all those who don’t share our anti-Valentine’s Day sentiment, here’s a guide to having the best Valentine’s Day ever without ever even leaving your apartment. Invite over some friends or set up a romantic evening in for yourself.


The most important part of the menu—drinks! I chose a variation of the Tequila Sunrise, switching orange juice for grapefruit juice for the always festive pink-colored drink (recipe here). And it is Valentine’s Day, which just screams “tequila!” to me. For a non-alcoholic version, however, use a white soda as a substitute.


I’m going to be generic here and say that there’s nothing better suited for a Valentine’s Day dinner than fondue. Chocolate seems a little too predictable, though, and cheese is way more my style (I am a Wisconsinite, after all). Any kind will do, but here is one of my favorite recipes. And if you’re still craving your chocolate fix, whip up some chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert!


My vote for Valentine’s Day entertainment (or any day, really) will always go to the classics. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a safe bet for this get together—it’s the classic love story. And do you really want to spend another Valentine’s Day at home fighting back tears to The Notebook? I didn’t think so.

If you’re opting to stay in this Tuesday night, we hope you’ll take our festive ideas and make them your own. Pick out a movie, get some snacks, and eat until your stomach is full and your heart is appeased. That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, right?

MODA Magazine does not endorse underage or irresponsible drinking. This article is intended for informative culinary purposes, and these beverages should be consumed in moderation.

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