Street Smart: Classic and Clean

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by Nina Ham

When I ask to stop Tom on the street for a picture, his friends roll their eyes and tell me playfully not to stroke his ego. He says he doesn’t really think of himself as fashionable, but he likes to wear pieces that exemplify quality. This, coupled with the fit of his clothing, is what elevates the ordinary into a striking ensemble. His wool coat, scarf and jeans leave no loose ends. Excess fabric turns into a cuff that matches the grey coat. While most guys shy away from close-fitting clothing, Tom shows how being-well tailored pays off with classic clean lines that accentuate the quality of each piece. No joke, even the paper bag seems to lend itself to his quintessential look.

Name: Tom Llaurado
Year: Graduate
Major: Communication Arts and History
Wearing: Light grey wool coat, jeans and scarf
Personal style: classically inspired
Favorite Icons: Steve McQueen, James Dean, Paul Newman

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