Street Smart: Layers and Brights

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by Nina Ham

I popped in to the Overture Center during intermission of the Hubbard Street Dance Chicago show and immediately spotted these ladies. With the Overture’s main demographic consisting of young urban professionals, their youthful combinations stood out amidst the sea of drab winter pairings of jeans and sweaters.

Sadie (left), a retail major, stays warm with a chunky cowl scarf, shirtdress and cardigan. On the right, Hannah’s cropped floral pattern t-shirt complements the various tones in her hair and complexion, showing a tasteful sliver of skin and body art.

Both girls keep things simple with dark jeans and boots. Winter doesn’t have to be bland when you can wear fun, over-sized accessories, and who says that colorful patterns are reserved for warmer weather? Layer up like Sadie or brighten up like Hannah. Say no to bad winter fashion.

Name: Sadie Olson (left)
Major: Retail
Wearing: cowl scarf, shirt dress and cardigan, black jeans and boots.
Personal style: “Girly with a little punk/edginess thrown in”
Spotted: 2/3/12 9:00PM at the Overture Center

Name: Hannah Anderson
Major: Dance and English at the University of Iowa
Wearing: Cropped floral print t-shirt, black jeans and boots.
Personal style: “Hipster with 90’s flair”
Spotted: 2/3/12 9:00PM at the Overture Center

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