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by Heba Elorbany

It’s my 21st birthday this weekend! Naturally, I’m ecstatic. I want to go all-out with my look, but I need to keep in mind the temperature and that I’ll be running around town all night… What’s the best way to go birthday-chic?

Happy birthday! While it’s awesome that you happen to have a birthday to cheer you up in the dreary months of winter, it also presents a challenge to your wardrobe choices and plans for the evening. I would say definitely go all out for your look, but make sure you bundle up with your warmest coat and maybe even a nice sweater when transitioning from one location to the next. Don’t worry too much about looking your best when you’re running to the next place, because the most important thing is that you don’t get sick!

As for your outfit, what’s important is that it’s something that makes you feel good about yourself on your birthday, whether it’s a casual outfit or a sequin dress with a tiara. Similarly, it’s important that the outfit you wear isn’t too constraining or overdone (ditch the 5-inch heels), especially if you plan on running around town all night. Personally, I would go for a casual but classy dress, comfortable shoes, and glamorous accessories. If you still haven’t bought your outfit, I would recommend the dress pictured here from Urban Outfitters, as it is comfortable, classy, and affordable. Have fun and stay safe!

I’m meeting my boyfriend’s parents for the first time this weekend. We’re going out to a nice dinner up on the Capitol Square. I want to impress them without having to change my personal style too much. What do you recommend?

It’s all about context and personality when it comes to meeting a boyfriend’s parents, so I think the first thing to do is to ask your boyfriend what his parents are like and what they find to be acceptable. If you are worried, ask yourself if you would wear this outfit in front of your conservative grandmother.

At the same time, it’s important that your outfit for this first meeting is a reflection of your personality. More likely than not, his parents will use this dinner to determine what kind of person you are and if they think your are a good fit for their son, so wearing an outfit that makes you look like Sarah Palin probably isn’t a good idea either (unless that’s your personality, of course).

If I were you, I would probably wear a nice skirt with tights, a chic blouse, and a cardigan. I would also make sure to keep it casual with the makeup, as this might be seen as unacceptable by his parents. Again, it’s important to stay true to your personal style, but also consider that you are dealing with people who you have never met before and another generation that might not agree with your views about what is acceptable. Above all, make sure you are confident, polite, and smiling, as these are the best accessories for a first impression. Good luck!

I’m really into all of the fur I’m seeing on the runways this Fashion Week. What are some of your favorite ways to add a pop of (faux) fur into a daily look?

If you’ve witnessed the fabulousness that was Fall 2012’s Badgley Mischka or Tory Burch collections, you absolutely know that fur and fur details are big for this fall. While, I personally do not endorse wearing fur, adding faux fur to your collection of clothes should definitely be on your to-do list.

First of all, solid fur vests and coats add a lot of warmth and texture to fall outfits. Another thing that was seen a lot is fur details on clothes that are primarily composed of different textures, such fur collars or fur sleeves like this look by Tory Burch.

Additionally, fur-lined clothes like this cape from Carolina Herrera are sure to be a great hit for this fall. The key for this type of fur detail is to use contrast to make sure that the fur details of your outfit pop without looking too forced.

Finally, faux fur winter accessories, such as scarves, as seen in the Badgley Mischka collection, are a great detail to mix into any outfit. For affordable items of this type, make sure to check out TopShop and Zara.

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