Drink Of The Week: Sour Apple-Ade

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by Emily Connor, Dining and Nightlife Editor

Over the past few weeks, I am happy to announce many of my stereotypes about Los Angeles have been broken. It turns out I was wrong about pervasively rude attitudes and everyone scooting around in a brand new Mercedes with long flowing beach blonde hair. Obviously, these types exist, but my general feelings about LA have drastically changed from what I thought I would be feeling.

However, one true stereotype still does exist. The obsession with youth is worse than I’ve ever seen. If 40-year-old women wearing junior-sized crop tops aren’t bad enough, the advertisements geared towards these people are even worse. Sleazy billboards promising to lift away pounds of fat with a single visit or erase wrinkles with lasers for the bottom barrel price of 5000 dollars line the streets.

Sadly, the obsession with youth spreads beyond display advertising. While perusing the Los Angeles Groupon daily deals, I saw countless deals for skin care regimens, lip enhancements and even a discounted procedure for injecting fat from one’s problem areas into more fat-appropriate places.

So when I passed a bottle of DeKuyper Apple Pucker in the liquor aisle, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the youthful drinker in all of us. Who doesn’t love a cocktail that tastes like Sour Apple Candy? In LA, I guess it’s just fashionable to try and feel years younger than you are. So those of us who are of age, let’s drink to those 5-year old spirit inside us all who is begging for a Sour Apple Blow Pop.

Sour Apple-Ade

 1.5 oz citrus or apple flavored vodka
1 oz DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker liqueur
.5 oz sweetened lime juice
6 oz lemonade

Pour the vodka, Apple Pucker, lime juice and lemonade into a tall glass. Stir and top with crushed ice. Serve and enjoy.

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