Get The Look: Spring 2012 Beauty Trends

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by Alex Ross

When one thinks of spring, generally the first things to come to mind are pastels, bright colors, and overarching images of floral. The refreshing shades and bouquets will never go out of style, but 2012 presents us with a more modern interpretation of spring beauty by getting to the essence of the season: nature. By emphasizing one particular part of the face at a time, this spring’s makeup trends take a cue from the nature that cultivates our coveted flowers by drawing attention to the organic beauty of the face reminding us that sometimes less is more.


The youthful beauty you see in a blooming flower is mirrored in the trendiest makeup this spring. Dab moisturizer on the apples of your cheeks before applying any shade of peach blush. The moisturizer adds a healthy, dewy glow and helps the pigment in the blush stick to the skin. Peach blush is flattering on almost every skin tone, but shades of rose are equally as gorgeous. Even a small swipe of coral blush (cream is my favorite because it’s easier to blend) brings out the cheekbones and adds an unexpected pop of color.

Foundation-free skin is also a popular trend this season. Obvious skin-care routines such as cleansing and exfoliating are especially important as the sun begins to come out and warm the air. Moisturize with a lotion containing SPF before you go outside to protect your face and to bring attention to its natural softness. Feel free to add a few drops of bronzer to your moisturizer for an added glow.


Lashes– Eyelashes play an important role in framing the face, and this season I encourage you to pay a little more attention to them. Long, lush lashes not only help frame the eyes but can also act as a beautiful focal point if you want to stick to simple make-up. False eyelashes are always a great option to achieve this feminine, youthful look. The more obvious way is to paint your lashes with several coats of your favorite mascara. Brown-black shades tend to be more flattering on people with lighter eyes, while brown eyes stand out underneath black lashes. Drugstores everywhere are chock-full of a wide range of mascaras, and if you’re looking for something a little more special I would recommend MAC’s “False Lashes” in false black.

Liner– Modern versions of the cat-eye are receiving a lot of attention both on and off the runway this season. For the best result, use a liquid liner to trace right above your lash line on your upper lid, making the line thinner near the inner corner and gradually increasing the girth as you go along. Right before you hit the outer corner of your eye, make a small flick upward with the brush. This gives the eyes a new shape and also gives the illusion of fuller lashes.

Although I tend to stick with black liner, put an edge on the cat-eye look by using a pale brown or brightly-colored liquid liner to make the look pop. Another way to put an updated twist on this look is to experiment with the tapering on the outer corner of your eye: don’t be afraid to dramatize the upward curve. Also, feel free to add multiple layers of liner for an even greater effect.

Shadow– White and metallics are hugely important in spring make up right now. These immaculate shades contribute to the overall lightness and youthfulness of the season. Cream shadows are becoming popular, particularly on the runways. Cream makeup allows for more flexibility and has less tendency to fade. Apply a light amount of subtle white or silver shadow to your lids and blend upward toward your brow bone to further emphasize your eyes. A time-tested trick to make your eyes appear bigger and give you a more “alive” and “awake” appearance is to put a small amount of white eye liner or shadow on the inner corners of your eyes and blend into the shadow of your choice.


The classic red lip gets a spring makeover this season by appearing in all different shades and textures. From fuchsia-tinted pigments to deep chocolatey-red tones, spring lips are all about versatility. Try a new shade and texture combination every few days: a matte fuchsia on the weekdays and a glossy maroon on a Friday night out. If you don’t want to spend money re-stocking your lip shades, an easy and creative way to obtain more diverse colors is by simply layering. Swipe your pout with one color, blot, and then go over it with a different color. Apply the lighter color generously before the darker one so as not to lose the substance of the base shade.

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