Editor’s Picks: Colors, Caramel and California Sun

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by Emily Connor, Dining and Nightlife Editor

Colored Denim

If there is one trend that I just can’t get over this season, it’s colored denim. A lover of all things denim, my already enormous collection has expanded exponentially with the emergence of the colored denim spring trend. My favorite pairs are sun-washed pastel hues, lilac, rose and mint green. I couldn’t help myself from purchasing this pair in bright papaya when I walked past J. Crew in the mall last month. Express and Urban Outfitters also carry a plethora of pretty pastel jeans this season.



A flavor that literally has the power to change your life: salted caramel. Particularly, salted caramel ice cream. The classic salty-sweet combo has always been a favorite of mine. But when I am dying for spring to come, I always find a scoop of ice cream is the best way to ease the pain. At the Chocolate Shoppe on State Street, my favorite flavor is Scotch Ale Caramel Crunch. But salted caramel gelato is truly incredible. Pacuigo has a variety of salty sweet combinations including a chocolate caramel sea salt. It’s the best way to fight the winter blues.


California Sun

While the best part about avoiding the Madison winter has been the incredible California sun, it doesn’t mean I love everything about the UV rays. For me, it’s a faux bronze or no bronze, and in California, it’s no exception. To fake a summer glow, I use a natural bronzing powder with little to no shimmer. Cargo brand bronzer in medium works well. Of course, shimmery varieties are available to highlight cheeks for evening and special occasions.

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