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by Heba Elorbany

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of five months and I haven’t been on a date since. Last weekend, I met a guy at a bar, just like many other girls every weekend. But contrary to my expectations, he asked me out and we’re getting dinner next week. I have no idea what to wear. Help??

 A: First of all, if you are freaking about this you should stop immediately! If this guy asked you out then you have obviously already caught his eye and he most likely won’t change his mind based on something as simple as an outfit. That said, if you are acknowledging this as a date (as you have) and it is your first one in a while, it’s totally normal for you to have some concern about what to wear. First of all (and I can’t stress this enough) make sure that you aren’t umm…showing off too much, if you get what I mean. No matter what your intentions are, this comes off as looking cheap and is definitely inappropriate for a first date. Second of all, make sure you’re wearing something that you feel good in. This kind of depends on what the date entails, but if it’s just a dinner or drinks, then I would probably go for a blazer with nice jeans and your favorite top or your favorite casual dress. Casual chic is the key here, as it allows you to stay comfortable will dressing well for the occasion.

I’m so excited to start updating my wardrobe for spring with lots of dresses and sandals and accessories. What great colors do you recommend this season?

 Great question! Natural colors are always a good idea for spring and this year is no exception. These colors replace the darks that usually balance out color in the fall and winter months. Also really popular for this spring are pastel colors such as robin’s egg blue, peach and blush tones, and sea foam green. Finally, looks in designer spring collections definitely showed off citrusy and bright neon colors such as bright yellow, tangerine, and hot pink. If you are worried about looking like a highlighter in these colors, make sure to pair and balance them with neutral additions to your wardrobe or even some darker pieces carried over from fall and winter. Happy coloring!

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