Street Smart: Structured Layering

by Isabel Cupino

Name: Bryson Green
Year: Senior
Major: English
Personal Style: “I would describe my style as eclectic. I love just adding random pieces and layering until I get my desired effect.”
Spotted: 2/24/12, 7:00PM at The Student of Color Greek Retreat

Layering is a must in Wisconsin winter and Bryson Green demonstrates it flawlessly. He creates an intriguing outfit by mixing fabrics and textures, but takes care to prevent his outfit from looking bulky by wearing structured pieces like the jean jacket. Underneath, he wears a classic attire of a chambray shirt paired with a dark tie and a light cardigan. On top, a green vest with plaid lining and a bright orange hat add jolts of color. Functional and fashionable at its best.

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