Street Smart: End Of Winter

by Paige Schultz

It was whilst walking down State Street, just as I was wishing that I had a hot Starbucks chai in my hands, when I spotted Gabrielle. Immediately I was envious of her chunky knit scarf and cozy layers. Not only did she look practical-yet-quirky with her geek-chic frames, but she was appropriately dressed for the weather, giving her overall look an effortless feel.

Such a first impression turned out to be quite fitting, as Gabrielle’s style reflects that of a lot of college girls: one of comfort and simplicity. A look like this is manageable, stylish and [above all] warm; the epitome of any college student’s ideal outfit in the midst of surviving these final winter weeks. With an ensemble like this fashionista’s, sacrificing coziness isn’t an option and an “I just threw this on” air is an unintentional accessory—giving all of us all a style that we can count on to not leave us out in the cold.

Name: Gabrielle

Year: Senior

Major: Communications

Wearing: Parka, scarf, leggings, socks, ankle booties, glasses

Style: “It changes every day, so kind of whatever I’m feeling, but probably comfortable and a little bit masculine.”

Shopping Venues of Choice: Goodwill, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and “lots of European stores”

Spotted: 03/05/12 5:45 pm outside of Urban Outfitters

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