Ask Our Stylist: UWFW Edition

by Heba Elorbany

Q: So I hear that MODA is putting on a fashion week next week. Any suggestions on what to wear to your events? I’m so excited!

A: Yes we are! From March 12 to March 16, MODA will be hosting three events as a part of the first ever University of Wisconsin Fashion Week, and we are so thrilled as well! Here’s a list of every event and some tips on dressing properly for each occasion.

 Monday March 12: To kick off UWFW, MODA’s Night Out is meant to be for networking and socializing with students and local fashion industry personnel. For this night, think cocktail party attire. Boys should wear ties, but not so much jackets or suits. For girls, I would go with a short cocktail dress or a nice skirt and shirt combination. This doesn’t necessarily mean formal, but should definitely be put together and polished. An example of a style that would be appropriate for this event is this dress by BCBG.

 Wednesday March 14: The next event for UWFW is focused on Midwestern fashion bloggers and will be a discussion of style blogging and social media. For this event, I would be a little bit more laid back in terms of how formal outfits have to be, but definitely still focus on staying polished and fashionable. Maybe some nice jeans with your favorite fashion top or a blazer with a shirt and skit combination for girls and a nice sweater or button down with jeans for guys. (Side note: I feel like I recommend a blazer in nearly every one of these posts! Every guy and girl should invest in a good blazer ASAP).

Friday March 16: The final event for UWFW will be the runway show. For this event, go all out. There is nothing too flashy, over-the-top, or out of the question when it comes to this night (Except for maybe a ballgown-type prom dress…) Have fun, dress up, and show them what you’ve got for this show. I’m personally wearing one of my nicest mid-length dresses and some black heels for this event.

Hope to see everyone there!

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