3 reasons why you should watch VH1’s House of Consignment

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by Corinne Burgermeister

Corri McFadden (third from left), of HOC, participated at MODA's blogger panel event on 3/14 with her fellow bloggers and coworkers, Bridget White, Chelsea Lavin, and Erin Brennan. Photo courtesy of Alexis Fam

VH1’s new reality show “House of Consignment” premiered this week, providing a glimpse into the high-fashion world of the Midwest’s own Corri McFadden as she manages her own business and raids couture closets for items to auction on eBay.

1. HOC is close to home

McFadden started eDrop-off, the Chicago-based company, in an attempt to refine the consignment business. Since its inception in 2004, the business has grown exponentially and currently sells about 2,000 designer and luxury items per week, putting Chicago and the Midwest on the fashion world’s map. Iconic Chicago images and architecture scattered throughout the episode are easy on the eyes, too.

2. Tons of window shopping

House of Consignment follows the daily adventures in the eDrop-off office, which include putting designer garments up for auction and checking whether the Louis Vuitton bag brought in is the real deal or a knock-off.

McFadden and her right hand woman, Nicole, brought viewers to a “Closet Cleanout” for Chicago restaurant owner Karyn Calabrese. Calabrese’s closet was filled with 500 pairs of shoes, $4000 worth of impulse buys and countless garments by Gucci, Versace, Missoni and more.

Several pieces, including an unworn Herve Leger dress, still had the tags on. McFadden and Nicole gave the closet a detox, discussing which pieces should be kept or sold and providing tips for fashionistas across the country.

The series will leave viewers fascinated by the countless high-end items packed into closets, and wondering what will be pulled out next.

3. You can buy or sell items too

Anyone can sell their unused or outdated designer and luxury items to eDrop-off, making fashion dreams a reality. Some clients like Calabrese donate money earned from selling their old garments to charity, but it can also be used to buy current items that can be worn today.

At the end of each episode, eDrop-off features a special item from the closet of one of their clients. This week, fans were able to bid on a sequin, silk Missoni dress from Calabrese’s closet.

 Catch House of Consignment on VH1 Wednesdays at 9pm CST. 

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