Street Smart: Nautical

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by Danielle Zabrauskas

In an industry where finding the next big thing is principal, there are a few trends that always seem to resurface. Designers, bloggers and magazines alike have always shown their love for nautical-inspired pieces. With the warmer months approaching, there is no better way to prepare yourself for summer activities than working these items into your closet.

Because the look is so versatile, there are a variety of ways to involve it with the pieces already in your closet! You can go from a simple anchor necklace to a full-on sailor nautical inspired outfit. I didn’t have to go far on campus to find guys and girls alike working their own rendition of the reappearing trend.

I spotted Anna and Sam leaving an afternoon class this past week, embracing the nice weather with fun basics. Both had chosen crisp nautical stripes that morning. Pulled off with fun shorts, they were ready to show off this trending style.

Name: Anna Jagodzinski (right)
Year: Freshman
Major: Elementary Education
Personal style: “I really like dressing up with classics.”

Name: Sam Fleischman (left)
Year: Freshman
Major: Marketing
Personal style: “With how hectic college is, I feel like I’m always wearing sweats. It’s nice to dress up every one in a while.”

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