Trend Alert: Neon

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by Taylor Nye

So often, I see girls and guys alike trying to work neon. Usually, I just want to take them and shake them and ask, “You really thought that combo was okay!?” There is a proper way to wear neon, and anyone can sport this bold trend with a little moderation and proper planning.

Let’s face it: when you’re wearing neon, it’s to grab attention. However, it’s all about good attention versus bad attention. Unless it’s Mifflin, you don’t want to mix a bunch of neon colors all at the same time. Think about it: you wouldn’t wear blue, purple, yellow, green and orange all in one outfit normally, would you? So why should it be any different if they happen to be neon hues? If the focal point of your outfit is going to be rainbow-brite, pair it with another staple item that’s a neutral: black and denim are my favorites. Urban Outfitters gives an example: the model in this picture is wearing neon jeans, but with a denim shirt and neutral heels.

Another way to rock the neon trend is through accessories. Base your outfit on a neutral shade, but accessorize with different pops of neon. Fergie draws attention in this photo because her little black dress stands out with accents of neon in her bag, shoes and nails. Here, you notice every color because there’s not very much of each. In a whole outfit of neon, it’s hard to see the different shades because the overall look is too overpowering.

How are you sporting the neon trend this season? Leave a comment below!

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