Street Smart: Polished Edge

by Paige Schultz

On Friday evening, while visiting some friends on Drake Street, I ran into Andrea whose bubbly personality countered by her edgy, eclectic look immediately caught me off guard. She oozed confidence with her striking asymmetric bob, eye-catching accessories, boldly-patterned mini, and sky-high heels. To say that her style is “different” and “unique” hardly describes the certain je ne sais quoi this textile apparel and design major has.

Though she derives inspiration from two women who were hardly considered “edgy” at all, there are subtle hints of Jackie O and Miss Hepburn in the aesthetics of Andrea’s outfit. Her tucked-in black tank and well-fitted blazer change her look from punky to polished, allowing her to embody the classiness of her icons while still keeping her cool. It is because of her approachable take on a normally audacious kind of style that Andrea proves the notion of “dare to be different” not so intimidating at all. She instead makes the idea exciting and intriguing as she proves to other college fashionistas that it is not so difficult to dress outside of the box, defy their comfort zones, and embrace their originality.

Name: Andrea Steinhofer
Year: Junior
Major: Textile Apparel and Design
Wearing: Black blazer, black tank, patterned mini, black tights, black booties, studded cross-body bag, and a chunky statement necklace.
Personal Style: “Probably edgy, punky, different and unique.”
Style Icons/Inspiration: “See, I would say Audrey Hepburn, but I’m not sure if I dress exactly like her. Normally I dress more girly I guess, so she’s normally my inspiration. I also like Jackie O. I love how she always had like cropped jackets and stuff like that.”
Spotted: 4/27/2012, 9:00 pm on Drake Street

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