Farmer’s Market Finds

by Chloe Karaskiewicz


Spring flowers are in full bloom around the Capitol Square, in the neatly planted gardens and in the stalls of the Farmer’s Market. This weekend’s selection featured a variety of plantable and hangable plants—including a unique purple and pink flower. The bloom starts as a hot pink lantern and opens to reveal a vibrant purple center.


You may have heard of these spongy looking mushrooms, or seen them in many of the stalls around the Market. With a particularly prized smoky, earthy taste, morels are considered best prepared in a light butter or oil sauté. However, they can also be incorporated into pasta dishes or used to enhance scrambled eggs, chicken, or crab. For full recipes visit:

Wearable Archaeologies

There is always more than food at the Farmer’s Market and this weekend was no exception. The usual handful of protesters and evolutionists are habitually accompanied by the tent shops lining State Street. One such kiosk is Wearable Archaeologies whose owner, Hanna Bettner, refurbishes vintage and antique jewelry. The boutique also sells earrings made from international coins and knick-knacks fashioned into key-chains. The little tent has a unique blend of oversize pendants, classically vintage earrings, and new takes on old classics. For the history enthusiast, Wearable Archaeologies also records the origin of each piece they sell: when you walk away with a pair of drop earrings, you know the beads came from a necklace in the 1930s. Find more at


What did you find at the Farmer’s Market this week? Let us know in a comment!

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