Until Next Fall… The Semester In Review

by Mia Hanekamp, Editor In Chief

As classes and final exams for spring have ended, Jeff and I have some thoughts I want to share with all of you.

We kicked off in January with a handful of excited new staff members with tons of fresh ideas. They attended every meeting, eagerly accepted story assignments and shared their creativity with everyone by pitching wonderful new ideas. Thank you so much to all of the talented writers, old and new, who made our editorial content better than ever this spring. We had fun new columns, engaging new features and covered some of the most interesting members of the location Madison fashion scene, all thanks to our amazing editorial staff.

This March, we celebrated the execution of the first-ever UW Fashion Week. After months of planning, March 12-16 became a dream fully realized. The networking party Monday night at The Icon drew in a large crowd of local fashion industry professionals and hopefuls. Guests mingled among tapas, mocktails and mannequin models dressed in Rachel Frank Designs.

When Jessica Quirk arrived in Madison Tuesday afternoon for our blogger event, Jeff and I were so excited to show her around. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at The Old Fashioned up on the Capitol Square. We introduced her to Spotted Cow and cheese curds: it was definitely a warm welcome from the Badger State.

The blogger event was a huge success. I learned so much about the business that I hadn’t known before, and the audience was super responsive with tons of questions. It was great meeting everyone, including the Chicago girls of Style Block and House of Consignment. Their style is amazing! The other bloggers included Bjorn Nasett of Fashion Farm Boy, Amy Gee of Flash Revolutions, Karissa Kreager of Glamor Guru, and Shayna Miller of Madison Magazine.

Lastly, there was the fashion show. Attendance was overwhelmingly high, more than we could have ever hoped for. It was truly unreal. From the designers to the models to the choreography and music, the event was flawless. For this, I want to thank our show producer Kj Lyn for coordinating every detail of the entire night, all of the participating designers and retailers, our talented DJ, Justin (DJ Diox), and WUD Music Committee for providing post-event entertainment and co-sponsoring the event with us.

We couldn’t have done any of this without our amazingly dedicated Fashion Week team. Our PR Director Katie Kruse truly loves MODA just as much as we do, making her irreplaceable in every way. Each day this semester, she communicated with us and other members of the team regarding the status and progress of each component of the events. When we’d call her for an emergency meeting, she would arrive immediately with a smile on her face, ready to get to work. Katie, you’ve been an amazing PR Director and friend this semester, and we’re so sad to see you graduate and leave Madison! Good luck with everything next year and beyond; you’ll truly go far.

Daniel Jameson and Coral Graszer acquired a number of extraordinary designers and retailers to participate in the runway show. The day of the show, along with other staff members including Steph Richter, they made themselves available at any given moment for whatever job needed to be done. They worked hard in the dressing room styling the models, working with the designers and coordinating the details of each look. Every look on the runway was attributed to their hard work, and I cannot let the semester end without properly thanking all of them.

The members of Bucky PR, especially Account Manager Emily Coban, Becca Bahrke, Natalie Hartland, Annie Murphy and Krystal Greven, were also instrumental in making Fashion Week the success that it was. The entire team was willing to take on any task asked of them. When Kj needed a hand with a task that most people wouldn’t want to do, these girls stepped up and took on the job with no complaints. I look forward to another wonderful semester working with this account team.

Our Finance Director Isabel Cupino used her organizational and communicative skills so effectively to help us create our budget and execute all of our plans with the money acquired from various grants. She stuck with us for months following Fashion Week to ensure that all of the financial plans followed through, and for that, we thank you endlessly.

I also want to thank the many other members of the Fashion Week team and the writers covering the events, including Heba Elorbany, Amanda Brewer, Caitlin Young, Chloe Karaskiewicz, Heidi Arenberg, Caitlin Garvey, Libby Vertz and so many more. Your dedication and love for MODA reflected onto every aspect of the work you did, and you all really were indispensable.

Finally, we wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for the Wisconsin Union Directorate and the Publications Committee, specifically Sarah Mathews, Gayle Cottrill, Jim Rogers and Whitney Swance. You all are so wonderful, and I cannot even begin to explain all of the work you’ve done to make our dreams realities. Thank you so much!

Next fall will mean bigger and better for everything at MODA. We’re so excited to welcome many new editors, writers and directors. Applications for all positions will be sent out at the beginning of June. We can’t wait to see new faces at our meetings!

Jeff and I are off to New York next week, ready for three months of internships and a crazy summer in the city. We can’t wait to see what kind of inspiration the city brings us with fashion and beyond.

Until next fall,

Jeff Cartwright, Mia Hanekamp, Katie Kruse & Emily Coban at the UW Fashion Week Runway Show; photo by Alexis Fam Photography

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