Street Smart: Mix-and-Match

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by Paige Schultz

Name: Rachael Snedigar

Year in School: Senior

Major: Textile, Apparel, and Design

Wearing: Floral Dress – Charlotte Russe; Green Suede Jacket – Unknown; White Crochet Flats – JC Penney; Earrings – Lia Sophia.

Inspiration/Icons: “My inspiration always changes. I don’t have any style icons, which is odd.  I just like to go through stores and I’ll just be like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to get this and put it together with this and that.’ It’s kind of the Rachael style.”

Personal Style: “My personal style is mixed with a bunch of different things. It’s kind of a little bit random and all over the place. I like to dress how I feel, so my style always changes.”

Spotted: September 12, 2012 at 5:30 pm outside of Van Hise

After a long two hours of my introductory Italian course early Wednesday evening, I was pleasantly surprised to run into my friend, Rachael. Last year for the ESCAPE Fashion Show I was given the wonderful opportunity to work with this Textile, Apparel, and Design major. After being styled numerous times by her over the course of one evening, I quickly discovered that she was no ordinary up-and-coming designer. Her exceptional eye for mixing and matching initially grabbed my attention, but what kept me intrigued were her ever-changing fashion moods. At the beginning of the first show she wanted me to be elegant and effortless, but by the end of the second I was strutting down the runway looking edgier than I could have imagined. At the time her thought process seemed a little bit topsy-turvy, but I laugh in retrospect because this act of “changing it up” is no doubt the Rachael Snedigar signature.

Rachael is one of those individuals who are so unique with their fashion sense that they can only describe their approach to personal style by putting their name on it. Because her style has a myriad of different elements to it, many may perceive it to be “a little bit random and all over the place.” However, that is exactly what makes Rachael so great; she may not derive inspiration from any special person or place, and her way of putting things together may not always make sense at first, but at the end of the day Rachael dresses for herself. She is individualistic in every sense and reminds us all that fashion is not necessarily meant to be methodical or serious, it’s just supposed to be you.

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