Street Smart: Exotic Beauty

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by Chloe Karaskiewicz

Name: Mac Gill

Year: Freshman

Major(s): Japanese and Technical Theatre

Wearing: Floral Dress – Speechless; Denim Coat – Street Flower; Patterned Scarf – Reesham’s

Inspiration/Icons: Her aunt—a quirky, independent woman with a sixth sense for style, all things Japanese, and a touch of the 1940s

Personal Style: Quirky and Comfortable

Spotted: September 14, 2012 at the UW trip to the American Player’s Theatre in Spring Green, WI

From the moment I spotted Mac outside the American Player’s Theatre in Spring Green, I knew I wanted to feature her in MODA. Given that this column celebrates showcasing your individuality through an outfit, I felt Mac was the perfect candidate, as her look exudes uniqueness and personality. I’m in love with Mac’s accessories: the scarf is stunning, and, though I could never pull it off, the one long earring has a great vibe.

Mac is one of those girls who can totally rock a pixie cut, as she not only has the features, but also the perfect combination of sweetness and edge to make it work. Her style is different. Layering and mixing patterns and bold accessories? Somehow it works. Her look is quirky and interesting, and underscores her ability to take elements that are individually ordinary – and bring them to a whole new level together.

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