DIY: Decorative Wreath for Every Season

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by Cassy Krueger

So now that you’ve cleaned up your new abode and settled into your class schedule, it’s time to start decorating.  Sure, you could buy your decor and I’m sure it would be très chic (because you have great taste, of course) but where’s the fun in that?  Not to mention, that would break into your weekend rendezvous budget, and this project is totally free!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Cardboard (I used a moving box—notice the tape all over mine?  That’s my mom’s version of “packing tape”)


-Pencil or pen or crayon—whatever your preferred writing utensil may be

-Hot glue gun (a must-have for your arsenal of craft materials)

-Two different sized bowls to create the wreath

-Toilet paper! (I promise this isn’t going to get weird)

  1. Start by tracing the shape of the bowls onto the cardboard, starting with the larger bowl. Then trace the small bowl within the outline of the larger bowl. Cut along the lines to create a wreath shape.

    Note: This doesn’t have to be perfect! If done correctly, you won’t see any of the cardboard in the end anyway.

    2. Unroll a long piece of toilet paper and fold it accordion style. Make sure it’s not too thick so you can cut through it in the next step.

    3. Cut a circle shape with the toilet paper you just folded. When you’re finished, separate the pieces.

    4. Scrunch the toilet paper up into a ruffled “flower” shape. Again, this doesn’t have to be perfect and you’ll get a lot of practice by the end. Glue the bottom tip of the toilet paper to your cardboard wreath outline.

    5. Continue scrunching and attaching toilet paper to the wreath, careful to put them close enough together so you can’t see the cardboard between them.

    6. Tada! You’re finished!

    7. The best thing about this wreath is that it’s neutral enough to be dressed up for any season. Once the leaves start turning their iconic fall colors, I plan on snagging some to spice up my wreath for the season. Or, of course, you could hang it on your bathroom door. The irony!

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