Street Smart: Outdoorsy Argyle

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by Chloe Karaskiewicz

Name: Michael Kushner

Year: Junior

Major: Geology

Wearing: Hat – Acapulco Gold; Argyle Sweater – Goodwill; Jeans – Gap; Mustache Socks – Urban Outfitters; Shoes – Keep Co.

Inspiration/Icons: Michael likes to draw inspiration from celebrities like Donald Glover, Adrian Brody and Jay-Z, as well as his style-savvy friends. However, he still manages to put a personal twist on his look: for example, a friend introduced him to five panel hats, but their takes on the trend are completely pattern preferences are completely different.

Personal Style: Comfortable and weather appropriate, with a certain interest in argyle and five-panel hats

Spotted: September 18, 2012 at 6:00 PM in Espresso Royale on State Street

Swinging by Espresso Royale on Tuesday night, I happened to sit down next to well-dressed Geology student, Michael Kushner. Like most, I noticed his mustache print socks immediately. Given my fascination with the print, I struck up a conversation – and right away we began discussing his field of study. “It’s a lot of rocks,” he jokes, but he’s a big fan of the outdoors and likes that this path can keep him outside.

Michael’s love of the outdoors translates into his personal style: he says he works from a “base of comfort,” and likes to incorporate both patterned pieces, especially argyle, and five-panel hats into his ensemble. We talked about his particular style with argyle – though it can easily be super preppy, Michael is a master of relaxed argyle, pulling off the piece with ease and comfort while keeping it classy.

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