Street Smart: Legal Leopard

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by Paige Schultz

Name: Erica Zurawski

Year: Graduate Law Student

Major(s): International and Environmental Law

Wearing: Leopard Skirt – J.Crew; Gray Scarf – Purchased in Thailand; Black Leather Jacket – Purchased in Germany; Flats – J.Crew

Inspiration/Icons: “I haven’t really picked out a specific celebrity. I really just look at online blogs or Pinterest.”

Personal Style: “I’d say that I usually go to the comfy/casual look with something that pops a little bit.”

Spotted: September 20, 2012 at 12:30 PM outside of College Library

When I picture the style of a law student, images of bland pencil skirts, sky-high heels, buttoned-up blouses, and stiff blazers immediately pop into my head. I envision someone just as serious as we perceive law students, and thus most certainly not an Elle Woods, making a statement from head-to-toe.

So you can imagine my surprise when I ran into Erica! Instead of a blazer, she sported a fantastic leather jacket. In lieu of a plain pencil skirt, she chose one with a bold leopard print. And as finishing touches to her cool-girl look, she opted for printed flats instead of heels, threw on a luxurious scarf, and donned a pair of stylish aviators. She was chic, she was effortless, and she was completely unexpected. Thanks to Erica, my stereotypical notions of boring legal style are completely nixed, and the case for fashionable law students everywhere skillfully won. My closing statement? Well done, counsel.

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