Street Smart: Casual Sophistication

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by Amy Gruntner

Name: Elisha Smith

Year: Junior

Major: Nursing

Wearing: Cardigan, Button up, and Scarf – H&M; Jeans – American Eagle; Shoes – Clarks

Inspiration/Icons: Elisha draws his inspiration from a number of different sources. He loves Men’s Style Pro, a men’s fashion blog offering tips and advice from Philadelphia Men’s Style Examiner, Sabir M. Peele. Elisha also turns to Clinton Kelly and Stacy London’s famous “What Not to Wear,” generally looking to women’s fashion for ideas, as he likes to put a masculine twist on feminine trends.

Personal Style: Sophisticated, yet casual.

Spotted: September 23, 2012 at 2:00 PM in Dejope Residence Hall

Heading home after a long day of studying, I ran into fellow Dejope House resident, Elisha Smith. As a self-described introvert, this nursing major shows his goofy side once you get to know him, though always maintains an air of maturity.

Wearing a fabulous outfit of notable pieces, Elisha never fails to present a sophisticated and fashionable ensemble. His sixth sense of incredible style always impresses those around him, with his playful side on display here in his bright green cardigan and pink scarf. Grounding the outfit in classic oxford boots and an untucked white shirt, Elisha makes this look all his own, perfectly showcasing his colorful personality.

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