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by Fashion Editor Daniel Jameson and Fashion Writers Chloe Karaskiewicz, Marlee Katz and Paige Schultz

Great clothes provide the foundation for a outfit, and the right accessories the finishing touches, but the polish that unites an ensemble in the vein that is undeniably you lies in the flawless beauty styling of your hair, nails and face. By playing with different products and styles, these components of your natural physique can take on entirely novel appearances, providing the perfect complement to the mood of your style. This fall, experiment with some of the biggest beauty trends from the runways to bring an unexpected twist to your everyday look!


Clean Strands

While fall brings a beloved crispness to the air, encouraging us to bundle up in our favorite layers, it can also bring a scourge of windy days, seemingly designed to dismantle the otherwise perfect hairstyle we spent our precious time crafting before class. Thankfully, designers across the world have found a solution to these dreaded days by revitalizing and renewing simple, combed hair into ultra-modern creations fit for the girl-on-the-go.

The idea this season is to utilize your natural part as a starting point, keeping hair as straight, clean and polished as possible. Smooth out any loose strands with the right combs and products, and finish by reeling hair into sleek shapes, such as a streamlined ponytail, a subdued waterfall or a tight bun. As a final touch, spray some product in your hair for a light shine, and you’ll be ready to meet any gale Mother Nature throws your way.

Derek Lam

Frosty Accents

In perhaps one of the edgiest makeup trends of the season, icy shades of white and silver were painted around eyes as flashy accents to brighten the face. These light strokes of color served as the antithesis to the smoky eye, operating alongside the dark applications of mascara and eyeliner as the yin and yang pairing of black and white.

In practice, this look is not for the faint of heart, and is most easily worn on a night out, though can be pulled off as daytime glamour with the right balance of product. For a cool evening glow, apply white or silver eye shadow around the tear ducts and in light sweeps past the curvature of the eye, creating faint, geometric shapes. During the day make black the focus, adapting a smoky eye to the trend by adding mere touches of silver or white around the tear ducts to subtly “pop” your eye color.


Innovative Braiding

From twists at Fendi, braided headbands at Emilio Pucci and modernized, romanticized Frida Kahlo-inspired knots at Valentino, the braid has become more than just a schoolgirl trend. Gone are the days of simplicity, as runways have recently heralded the spiraling creations of stylists, like those for Alexander McQueen, who famously stunned with basket woven braids in 2010.

Subtly embrace this trend with a braided headband, which is best achieved by braiding two small sections of hair behind each ear and crossing them over the top of your head, or, for shorter hair, by purchasing a headband. Add instant polish to any look with a braided chignon, parting your hair on one side and braiding the front sections, twisting together in a loose bun at the back. Or if you’re daring, showcase your fearlessness with a zigzag braid, starting the design on one side and wrapping across the back of your head.

Michael Kors

Warm and Weathered

A cold wind swept many runways this fall, leaving models with worn, just-off-the-ski slope cheeks. This simple, cozy look is perfect for the colder days ahead, utilizing clean, fresh-faced makeup styling as the canvas for rosy cheeks. This look has also been hailed as a subtle nod to the athletic, giving models, especially those at Oscar de la Renta, the look of a “post-cardio flush.”

To get this wind-whipped effect, effortlessly layer different shades of pink blush – try coral, magenta, and dusty rose – to the cheekbones, keeping all other products quiet to highlight your glowing façade.


Tousled “Bedhead” Waves

Ladies, there’s no denying it. There’s just something so sexy about looking effortless! It’s no wonder, then, that tousled “bedhead” waves are once again a hot beauty trend for fall.

However, the nonchalant look of this hairstyle can be completely deceiving, because, as many of us know, looking like you just rolled out of bed isn’t always as easy as, well, just rolling out of bed. The trick to making this look work for you lies in knowing how to use a curling iron to your advantage. Simply wrapping medium-sized sections of hair around a 1.5-2 inch curling iron (WITHOUT using the clamp) will give you these highly desirable easy, no-fuss waves. Finish the style by spritzing a little texturizing spray on your locks and you’ll be ready to flaunt your “almost-effortless” look.

Nina Ricci

The Red Lip

This timeless beauty classic never fails to dominate the season. As countless designers sent models down the Fall 2012 runways with this dramatic touch, showcasing its flawless reputation for being classic, chic and oh-so-sexy, women everywhere can’t resist dabbing a little rouge à lèvres to their plush pouts.

The secret to pulling off this bold look is in knowing which shade best complements your skin tone. With fair skin, choose a more pink-infused, coral red; for a medium tone, opt for a rich, berry hue; and for those with darker complexions, you’ll find a burgundy color most flattering.

Oscar de la Renta

Throwback Tresses

Teased hair with tons of hairspray made its way back to the runway this fall, where retro bouffants and bobs were all the rage. Sculpted locks were folded under to resemble the bobbed hairstyles of the 1920s and 60s. Oscar de la Renta’s models wore big, billowy hair, tucked beneath shiny, often jeweled ribbon headbands. Derek Lam styled his models in a combination 1950s-style beehive and bouffant. dSquared models rocked a true bouffant, in which their hair was teased up high on top of their heads.

Wearing this trend is tricky, but can be easily done with a modern twist. The runway’s dramatic looks can be toned down for every daywear by separating your hair into two sections from ear to ear, and teasing the top section into a simple, bouffant style. Once you tease the top of your hair, bring everything back together to create a low-key messy bun with tons of volume. Try the same look at night, but keep your hair down and straight.

Prabal Gurung

Jewel Tone Eyes

Jewel tones are the colors of the season; in shades of sapphire, emerald, gold and coal, the hues were the highlight of the Fall 2012 shows, casting their glow on everything from the garments and accessories to the beauty styling, where the trend manifested in rich, dramatic eye shadows. Roberto Cavalli painted the eyes of his models in tones of amethyst, emerald, gold and mauve, their fresh faces bringing the focus to the unique colors. Prabal Gurung’s models rocked topaz eyes that extended to their brow lines. And expanding on the smoky eye, Jason Wu styled his models with a shade of iridescent coal splashed across their lids.

Generally, it’s best to wear jewel-toned eyes at night, as they’re a colorfully dramatic way to spice up any ensemble for an evening out. A smoky eye with a hint of coal jewel tone shadow is perhaps the easiest way to incorporate the trend into your makeup regimen, while for other options it’s important to always base your color choice on your eye color. Blue eyes look best with topaz tones, and green eyes with emerald or amethyst. Brown eyes are especially versatile, capable of complementing any colored accent. Try a turquoise or coral to really make your eyes stand out.

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