Street Smart: Contemporary Cool

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by Caroline Kreul

Name: Claudia Roen

Year: Sophomore

Major: Neurobiology

Wearing: Fringe Scarf – Purchased in Istanbul; Polka-Dot Blouse – American Apparel; Black Pants – Gap, Brown Riding Boots – Frye

Inspiration/Icons: Her sister and Mischa Barton

Personal Style: “I’d say contemporary, but I also like to mix patterns and colors, you know, things that you wouldn’t normally put together. I like having something that pops in every outfit.”

Spotted: September 26, 2012 at 2:30 PM outside of Java Den in Grand Central

In desperate need of an afternoon pick-me-up, I stopped for tea at the Java Den in Grand Central, where I ran into my friend Claudia. I’m only used to seeing her in class just twice a week, where she is always dressed to impress, and was pleased to see that today’s outfit of choice was no different.

A Milwaukee native, Claudia describes her style as contemporary and clean, yet doesn’t hesitate to mix colors and patterns, as seen here with the combination of her off-white, black polka-dot blouse, and gold-patterned, terra cotta scarf. Paired with these fabulous chocolate brown distressed leather boots and classic black pants, Claudia exudes that city-cool vibe for which her celebrity style icon, Mischa Barton, is known.  When asked about what fall styles she’s excited for this season, she didn’t hesitate to gush over her favorite combination of leather boots and oversized sweaters, saying, “They’re cozy and comfy for class or the library, but still look nice.” Looking nice is especially important to this budding neurobiologist, as she firmly believes that what you wear says a lot about you, and that by looking professional you not only act professional, but feel more confident in everything you do.

While I never would have guessed that a neurobiology major would have such a degree of impeccable style, Claudia is living proof that one can be both book smart AND street smart.

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