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By Heidi Arenberg, Lifestyle Editor

The Rigby
The Rigby’s specials board

“No ‘Call Me Maybe.’ I’ll skip it, I swear,” threatened the bartender at Capitol Square’s Beatles themed pub The Rigby. My friends and I were discussing the atmosphere of the bar, one we had never been to, and wondered if only Beatles tunes are allowed on the digital jukebox. Apparently not, as everyone from Train to Queen to Journey to, yes, the Beatles had their turn blaring on the speakers. So what exactly is the vibe of The Rigby? I guess you could say not Brats (“No ‘Party in the USA’ either,” he had added).

Because while I and everyone else love a Friday at good ole State Street Brats from time to time (and the accompanying swarms of visiting families and One Direction on repeat), I desperately welcome a change of scenery after too many weekends in a row of having beer spilled on my outfit. And I’ve found just that in The Rigby. First of all, it’s over in Capitol Square—instant classiness. Second, it’s refreshingly laid-back, yet decently crowded.

But best of all, it’s, well, Beatles themed. Albums cover the brick walls while song-title-inspired drink names cover the menus. And although it isn’t the most inexpensive bar on campus, The Rigby’s undoubtedly more affordable than some of the others on the Square. Then again, I just had to try a fancy mixed drink (the name got me). “Why Don’t We Do It On The Beach,” the pub’s take on a Sex on the Beach, caught my eye right away, as did the Drunk Gummy Bears. According to the menu, they’ve been swimming in vodka for 10 days and will cost you $2 for a whole skewer on Fridays. If the description of candy as drunk isn’t adorably inappropriate, I don’t know what is.

But hey, if all that’s not enough to get you to The Rigby, know this: I got to witness about 25 grown men hold each other and sing “Hey Jude” with all their might. $1 on the jukebox well-spent.


Happy Hour: 3-7 Monday-Friday

  • $2.50 Taps and Rails


  • Local comedy at 9pm
  • $2.50 Rails (all day)
  • $2.50 Taps (all day)

Monday (after 7)

  • $1 Shorties
  • $5 Infused Martinis

Tuesday (after 7)

  • Team Trivis, starting at 7pm
  • $8 PBR Pitchers
  • $1 PBR Taps (after 9)

Wednesday (after 7)

  • Open Mic Night, starting at 9pm
  • $1 Wapatuli
  • $2.50 Jameson Mixers
  • $3.50 Rhythm & Booze

Thursday (after 7)

  • $1.50 Rails
  • $2 Magic Shot
  • $2.50 Tall Boys

Friday (after 7)

  • Live music at 10pm
  • $2.50 Sun Drop
  • $2 Drunk Gummy Bears
  • $2.50 Taps
  • $3 Shot of the night


  • Live music at 10pm
  • $3 Sconnie taps

Drinks: 8/10

Specials: 5/10

Atmosphere: 9/10

Location: 7/10

Overall: 7

The Rigby is located at 119 East Main Street, and its hours are 11am-12am Mondays through Thursdays, 11am-2am Fridays and Saturdays, and 12pm-12am Sundays. For additional information please call (608)442-1112 or visit

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