Bloggers We Love: Arabelle Sicardi

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by Abigail Fisher

Looking for a new source of fashion inspiration? Fancy a feminist slant on pop culture?  Like lingerie? Arabelle Sicardi and her blog, Fashion Pirate, embody all these elements and more. I must admit, Arabelle is basically my true love. She is sassy, has amazing technicolor hair, and doesn’t apologize for anything. Her obsession with Comme des Garçons and John Waters’ films are what cemented my compulsive following of Fashion Pirate, and I now look to her site weekly to garner quirky ideas for different street style outfits. Arabelle’s companion Tumblr, catladysoul, has even more pop culture, and features weekly lingerie hours where she only posts great lingerie buys…for an hour! Arabelle also writes for rookiemag, an online magazine headed by fellow fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson.

Beyond her amazing fashion posts, Arabelle notably focuses on the importance of being true to yourself. While running a blog invites a whole host of negativity from all over the Internet, Arabelle is secure in who she is and doesn’t put up with anyone who questions her. Ultimately, Fashion Pirate is a great blog due to its combination of fashion, pop culture and girl power, and is one you should definitely add to your favorites.

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