Best Bloodys in Madison for Game Day Morning

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by Heidi Arenberg, Lifestyle Editor

There’s just something about the Bloody Mary. And while as a 21 year old, I like to consider palate refined and my preference for alcohol ranging past watered down beer, I do have to admit–the name kind of freaks me out. Excuse me for not being totally thrilled to sit down and enjoy a cocktail containing “blood” in its name. But that’s a first impression, and everyone knows not to judge a drink by its name as not to judge a book by its cover. After all, there’s nothing like a Bloody Mary to start off a game day morning (and wrap up a “busy” Friday night).

Without further ado, here are my 3 picks for the best Bloodys in Madison.

Vintage Spirits & Grill

The Vintage is an obvious choice for Saturday mornings. With a complete Bloody Mary bar and breakfast (starting at 9am), you can’t go wrong. The drink, the food, the outdoor seating–all there. Plus, the bar is located on the corner of Frances and University, fairly closer to Camp Randall than somewhere on State.

Located at 529 University Ave.

The Old Fashioned

Alright, alright, so I’m aware that it’s already been established how great The Old Fashioned is and that it’s all the way on Capitol Square. But really, if you’re looking for a quality Bloody, not just tomato juice carelessly tossed with vodka, The Old Fashioned is the place. Bonus: the brunch is amazing (and served from 9am-12pm). Just make sure to either get there early–if I can’t convince you of the Bloody/brunch amazing-ness, the crowds will.

Located at 23 North Pinckney Street

Lucky’s Bar & Grille

Finally, if you’re looking for utter convenience (read: proximity to the stadium), go to Lucky’s. Located on Regent, a block from Camp Randall, the bar is a clear choice for a quick Bloody before dashing to the student section. BUT if you so unfortunately don’t have tickets, you’ll be just excited to stick around and watch the game at the bar due to its undeniable spirit (it is a sports bar, after all). And while Lucky’s opens at 11am, on game days the doors typically open earlier.

Located at 1421 Regent Street

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