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by Corinne Burgermeister, Social Editor

Wando's Bacon Night
Wando’s Bacon Night

The first time I entered Wando’s after turning 21, it didn’t feel real. Wando’s is notoriously known for being a hard bar to get into, and the intimidating bouncers at the door do not make it any easier. For this reason, Wando’s is often one of the first places students go once they’re legal.

As the only bar on campus to serve fishbowls, Wando’s is a favorite destination among Badgers. The large fishbowls can be split with a big group of friends or a just a few, depending on how your intend your night to go. Fishbowls are usually $20 but are offered for $15 on Thursdays and $10 on Wednesday. If you’re not up for the big bowl, or want to try a few different flavors, you may want to try Wando’s recently-introduced baby fishbowls for $5 each.

Tuesday, or Bacon Night, as it is known by many, is by far the most popular night to go to Wando’s. All night dollar cans of Coors and Miller are served alongside hundreds of pounds of free bacon – a deal that is hard to beat.

Due to its popularity, the bar’s three floors are often crowded and hard to navigate through. I recommend you either get there early…or just deal with it. However, Wando’s a great place to be if you’re in the mood to dance or meet new people. Head to the third floor early, to beat the line for a dance party with a live DJ, or if you’re feeling less daring, the lower two levels play a variety of party music and are often less crowded. Aside from fishbowl deals and Bacon night, drink specials are not the best, but they’re served on each of the three levels, so you really can’t go wrong.


Every day:

  • $3.50 High Life bottles
  • $3.50 PBR bottles
  • $5 jumbo UV mixers


  • $2.50 domestic taps
  • $4 jumbo UV mixers


  • $2.50 domestic taps
  • $4 jumbo rail mixers


  • Bacon Night
  • $1 cans of Coors, Miller Lite or PBR
  • $4 jumbo rails


  • All specials valid with student ID
  • $2 Miller High Life bottles
  • $4 jumbo UV mixers
  • Half off fishbowls
  • 10 wings for $3


  • $2.50 domestic bottles
  • $4 jumbo UV mixers
  • $15 fishbowls


  • $7 Bud Light pitchers
  • $5 jumbo UV mixers


  • $3.50 PBR or Miller High Life bottles
  • $5 jumbo UV mixers

Drinks: 5/10

Specials: 3/10

Location: 6/10

Atmosphere: 6/10

Overall Rating: 5

Wando’s is located at 602 University Ave. Its bar hours are 11am to close every day, and its grill hours are 11am to 10pm Monday thru Saturday. For more information, call (608) 256-5204, or visit 

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