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by Bronte Jagodzinski

For those of you who follow the world of fashion blogs, you are probably familiar with Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes. For those unaware, Jane started Sea of Shoes in April 2007 when she was only 15, and since then has taken the fashion world by storm, attracting attention from the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Kanye West. Though her blog is premised on Jane’s love for shoes, her entire wardrobe is something to be admired with its seemingly endless collection of vintage jackets, bold tops and outlandish jewelry.

As you scroll through the hundreds of beautiful and quirky pictures taken by Jane and her mom, it’s clear that Jane has an eccentric yet charming sense of fashion. Never one to keep things simple, Jane makes an outfit as common as a t-shirt and jeans seem incredibly glamorous and chic with a fur-collared blazer, bright pumps, and her signature vibrant red hair.

She demonstrates her fearlessness in mixing patterns and colors through her pairing of a polka dot blouse, bow, socks and shoes, forming an outfit that should not be aesthetically pleasing, yet somehow flows effortlessly thanks to the neutral jacket and basic jeans.

But most notable is the namesake accessory of Jane’s blog, as her sea of shoes is truly astonishing. With everything from a Prada smoking lip shoe to Art Deco-inspired Miu Miu’s to Margiela knee-high cutout boots, her shoe collection is vast and diverse, a reminder to us all to never let a day go by without pushing boundaries through clothing.

At 17, Jane launched her first shoe collaboration with Urban Outfitters: J. Aldridge by Sea of Shoes. Featuring three pairs of shoes designed by Jane, the mini collection was inspired by an intersection between gladiator and Victorian styles, with her own wardrobe serving as an apparent influence. Her success at such a young age proved she was not in the fashion industry for the short run; Jane has a vision, and is determined to make it a reality.

Where she will ultimately end up in the fashion world is unknown, but based on her eccentric, playful and courageous style, we can be sure that Jane Aldridge will continue making waves for many years to come.

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