Bloggers We Love: Mandy Shadforth

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by Marlee Katz, Fashion Writer

Good blogs don’t copy ideas from others – they conceptualize their own and start a novel Internet trend. One of my favorite original blogs is the Australian based site, Oracle Fox.

Written by Mandy Shadforth, Oracle Fox is probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing blogs around, full of beautiful personal images and wild fashion spreads from magazines around the world.

As an artist, Shadforth initially began her blog as a means to share her artistic inspirations and make the creative process more interactive. As her blog developed, she started posting personal travel looks, beautiful editorials and visually pleasing artistic images.

An avid surfer and true Aussie girl, Shadforth finds her inspiration from both traveling and the Australian landscape. She isn’t posting the top shoots from American Vogue or popular hits from The New York Times Fashion page – instead, she fills her site with images she admires and wants to share with her followers. When people view her blog, she hopes her free spirit and individuality show through. The images she posts are truly unique and inspiring.

With over 23,000 followers, Shadforth has gained much respect in the fashion blogging world. She is part of Fellt, an Australian blogging and self-publishing site conglomerate that includes some of the top fashion bloggers in the area. She has also made ties with brands like Billabong and Spanish Moss, and collaborated with the Billabong design team this January to create a surf-inspired collection.

With her creative sentiments and free spirit, Shadforth has produced one of the most successful and beautiful fashion blogs around.

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