Classic Halloween Flicks to Watch (Even if You’re a Scared-y Cat)

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 by Abigail Fisher

Halloween is a multifaceted holiday. There’s the Halloween of our youth, comprised of vegetable costumes and nights dedicated to candy feasts. There’s the scary Halloween; haunted houses and ghost tours attempting (often failing) to inspire fear and excitement. There’s also Madison-style Halloween; a crazy mosh of binge drinking that lasts over a week. One of the ways that I reconcile all these variations is movies. There is a Halloween movie for every style and they can always be counted on to get you in a spookable mood. Here are some of my favorite Halloween standbys, guaranteed to get you in mood for pumpkins, witchcraft and snack-sized Milky Ways.

Hocus Pocus– If you only watch one movie this Halloween, make it Hocus Pocus. For me, Hocus Pocus is the ideal Halloween movie because it simultaneously freaks you out and makes you laugh. Set in Salem, Massachusetts, one dark Halloween night, three witch sisters (Sarah Jessica Parker stars as one!) are brought back to life and begin a dastardly plan to steal the lives of all the children in Salem. It’s up to Max and Dani Dennison, Max’s friend Allison, and a talking cat to save the town. This movie downright frightened me as a kid, but now it’s simply welcome nostalgia saved for a chilly October night.

Jennifer’s Body– Directed by Diablo Cody, Jennifer’s Body is a quirky way to explore horror movies without straying into Saw-esque gore. Starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried, this twisted tale follows the demonic happenings in Devil’s Kettle, Minnesota. Jennifer, played by Fox, is the town’s sex goddess who is quickly abducted by the occult worshipping band Low Shoulder. The band attempts to sacrifice Jennifer thinking she’s a virgin. Jennifer, decidedly not a virgin, then comes back to life possessed by a demon. She then proceeds to eat unsuspecting boys to maintain her good looks. Jennifer’s best friend Needy, played by Seyfried, does all she can to protect her boyfriend and herself from the increasingly powerful demon controlling Jennifer’s body. In line with her other films, Diablo Cody filled Jennifer’s Body with dry humor and hilarious slang (salty means cute). Watch Jennifer’s Body for a scary movie with an alternative slant.

The Craft–  If you need an new spin on a witch costume this Halloween, look no further for inspiration than The Craft. This 90’s witch flick is both full of dark incantations and great outfits. Set in a Catholic prep school, new girl Sarah Bailey is quickly absorbed into the cliquey coven of Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle. Together they practice the occult to improve their lives with amazing results. Things quickly get out of hand when Nancy has a power trip and spells start malfunctioning. It’s up to Sarah’s natural witch instincts to get things under control. A cult (a cult…occult…get it) favorite of mine, The Craft is sure to inspire you to trek out to a graveyard with a ouija board and try a little magic of your own.

Teen Wolf- Teen Wolf, and I mean the movie from 1985, not the MTV show, is a hilarious way to celebrate Halloween (great costume for boys by the way). Scott Howard, played by Michael J. Fox, is fed up with his below average high school life, when he begins to realize there may be something very unique about him after all. He learns that he is half wolf after coming home from a party. When he accidentally transforms on the basketball court, he is rocketed up the social ladder to most popular boy in school. Everything is going amazing for Scott until he starts to lose his temper. In order to win the girl and the championship game, he must learn to control his anger. Fox is so cute and funny in Teen Wolf, it will make you fall in love with the 80’s all over again. Watch Teen Wolf for a light and comical Halloween treat.

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