Street Smart: Military Staples

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by Paige Schultz, Fashion Writer

Call me a sucker for a person in uniform, but I will always have a place in my heart for military-inspired looks. Seriously, give me an ensemble that incorporates a fantastic utility jacket and a super-cool pair of combat-style boots, and I can’t help but swoon. Personally, I prefer a chic approach to special ops fashion involving sequins and other hints of sparkle, but a more classic military take like Tamara’s also does the trend great justice.

So for those who don’t exactly have glitter coursing through their veins, use this UW-Madison junior as your source of inspiration. Even though every piece of her outfit could be considered a wardrobe staple, when styled together they create a military ensemble with a cool-girl, urban edge. This structured yet functional look serves not only Tamara well, but is also perfect for students who are looking for a more effortless approach to fashion. In Tamara’s words, she likes “to be comfortable, but still look put together,” a standard that may as well be written on the first page of nearly every college girl’s style code of conduct.

Here’s the breakdown:

Name: Tamara Rosin

Year in School: Junior

Major: English

Wearing: Green Utility Jacket – Aqua (Bloomingdales); Black Jeggings – Free People; Gray Top – Rag & Bone; Boots – Steve Madden; Sunglasses – American Apparel

Inspiration/Icons: “I would say magazines, but for the most part I just see what I like at stores and I just buy it!”

Personal Style: “I try to be comfortable, but still look put together.”

Favorite Shopping Venues: “I like to shop at Urban Outfitters and some department stores. I really like the store Ritzy, too.”

Spotted: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 at 11:45 AM on Bascom Hill

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